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Apsara comes from the Sanskrit word for an angelic dancer whose elegant movements reflect the key elements in our wine: Balance, Purity and Expression.

Our Wines

A true expression of site and vintage with a focus on purity of flavor and a balance of fruit, tannins, and acidity.


2015 Las Madres Vineyard 100% Whole Cluster Syrah

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Giving Back

3% of our net profit goes to The Union of Concerned Scientists. 

We believe in research, learning and using data driven evidence to support a practice, whether that is in business or at the winery. The UCS works to help maximize clean energy, addressing the consequences of global warming, fighting for healthy food and farms and defending the role of science in our democracy.

With each bottle of wine you buy you help make the world a safer and healthier planet. 

The Vineyards

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About Us

We created Apsara Cellars out of a desire to stay connected to
the artistry of winemaking. This project is driven by hard work,
love, passion, and generous support from our family and friends.

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