Aneeta & Robin


Aneeta and Robin met 20 years ago in the jungles of Indonesia while studying biology and environmental science. Since then, they've traveled the world, turning their passion for science and the environment into careers in science communication and viticulture, and enology. In 2009, they settled in Petaluma, California, so that Robin could pursue winemaking and Aneeta could continue to work in filmmaking and storytelling through a scientific lens.


Apsara Cellars was created out of a desire to stay connected to the artistry of winemaking. This project is driven by hard work, love, passion, and generous support from our family and friends.


The name Apsara comes from the Sanskrit word for an angelic dancer whose elegant movements reflect the key elements in our wine: Balance, Purity and Expression.

Apsara Cellars has never been the sole product of a draw-by-numbers idea of winemaking. For two reasons, a) Robin is dyslexic and therefore working with numbers and within the rules doesn't come naturally and 2), there is only one opportunity a year to make great wine, so you better make it good! 

Sourcing grapes from some of Sonoma Valley's greatest vineyards helps us to create wines that show a focused purity of flavor, chiseled out with a balance of fruit, tannins and acidity.

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