Harvest Update 2014: Bringing in the Kick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

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With harvest in full swing we thought we would share some more information about the fruit for a new Sauvignon Blanc which will be added to our lineup in Spring 2015.

We recently took some Sauvignon blanc 317 and Sauvignon Musque from Kick Ranch. The vineyard site sits on the northern slope of Spring Mountain in the Rincon Valley, dividing Sonoma and Napa counties.

The 9 acre ranch is owned by Dick Keenan and his wife, Kathy McNamara who planted the vines in 2000. The rows sit on a mixture of volcanic and other rocky substrate which provides wonderful minerality to the fruit. Planting orientation makes the most of the sun exposure and cool nights and foggy mornings provide optimal grape growing conditions.

Not only is the fruit from from this site spectacular but Kick Ranch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful vineyards we’ve seen. The hillside site offers incredible views of the Petaluma Wind Gap and Dick and Kathy have worked hard to preserve the locations natural biodiversity. Owl boxes and raptor perches are spread over the property in addition to bluebird boxes dotted throughout the vineyard.

We’re looking forward to working with Kick Ranch fruit and our aim is to make an SB that expresses the exquisite minerality of the volcanic soils balanced with floral, aromatic notes from the musque.

To achieve our goal, we've used a whole cluster press which has yielded two barrels of SB and two barrels of Sauvignon Musque. Three of these barrels will be fermented in neutral french oak and one barrel of the Sauvignon blanc will be fermented in stainless steel.

Bottling for the Kick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc is scheduled for early spring for release soon after.

Before that though we’ve got the rest of the harvest to get through! We'll be taking in the cabernet sauvignon fruit for our Kenefick Ranch and Amoenus projects in a few weeks so watch this space for more harvest updates.

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